About these lists

The lists titled Playwrights, translators, and adaptors and Printers, Publishers, and Booksellers have been compiled from indexes in printed catalogs of comedias sueltas in the US. Those catalogs make up the third list in this section, Printed catalogs of Spanish drama and comedias sueltas in US library collections.

Once records for the sueltas held in these libraries have been incorporated into the ComediasSueltasUSA database, the names of authors and printers included in these lists will link directly to it.

The role of playwrights, translators, adaptors, or refundidores is usually identified on the title page of a play, and cataloging information notes it accordingly. In contrast, we have made no attempt to differentiate among printers, publishers, booksellers, or bookstores and stands, unless specified on the suelta, keeping in mind also that people involved in the book trade during the period covered by this database had a less well-defined role compared to modern practice. We have endeavored to include alternate forms of names, since the spelling of a playwright’s name as it appeared on title pages over the long course of a work’s printing history frequently varied before printers settled on modern spelling conventions. To assist the researcher, we have italicized the preferred or most common form of a name as it appears in library catalogs. Birth and death dates, or dates of activity, are repeated in each instance for which there are alternate names or spellings.

We have relied on biographical information primarily from the following sources. A playwright’s inclusion in Urzáiz Tortajada or Aguilar Piñal is noted with the abbreviations in curly brackets, {HUT} and {FAP}, respectively.

Aguilar Piñal, Francisco {FAP}. Bibliografía de autores españoles del siglo XVIII. 10 vols. Madrid: CSIC, Instituto Miguel de Cervantes 1981–[2001].

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