• Comedias Sueltas

    July 29, 2015

    D. W. Cruickshank ~ 2015 ~ Comedias sueltas are not unique to Spain: in several countries, in the early modern period, plays were printed singly, the gatherings ‘stabbed’ rather than bound, with no covers, to be sold cheaply, often by that prototype of the travelling salesman, the chapman. Like their contemporaries in the English book … Continue reading Comedias Sueltas

  • Four editions of Cada uno para sí

    March 4, 2016

    D. W. Cruickshank  ~ 2016 ~ Comedias sueltas were almost always printed in quarto, and usually in the simplest form of that format, quarto in fours: a single sheet folded twice to make four leaves (hence “quarto”), i.e., eight pages. The standard Spanish sheet was about 44cm by 31cm, so an untrimmed quarto leaf is … Continue reading Four editions of Cada uno para sí